Are you curious about all the recipes in the book ‘Cooking in Zambia’? You can order a hard-copy or soft-copy of the book here. The hard-copy costs 27.50 Euro/32.50 USD excl. shipping costs. The soft-copy costs 4.25 Euro/5 USD. Payment in Kwacha is possible, but not preferred. 

Netherlands/Belgium/Germany/France When you want to have your copy delivered to an address in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or France you can order your book via boekenbestellen.nl 

Elsewhere and soft-copy Please fill in the form below and I will contact you about the payment and shipping options. Note that the shipping costs to Lusaka/Zambia vary from 35.32 Euro/41.70 USD (for 1 copy) to 8.63 Euro/11.20 USD (for >10 copies) per book. I will combine your order with that of others to reduce the shipping costs if you accept the longer delivery time. 

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